Monday, March 25, 2013

Disable tokeninput inside of Compose Message Dialog

I implemented DotNetNuke's dnnComposeMessage method/plugin in one of my module and I notice that other than the contact being pre-populated, users are also allowed to add/edit contact, this is great if you want it that way, however if you don't want users to change contacts other than what you already pre-populated, then we should disable it. I can't find a method inside of tokeninput plugin so I use CSS to hide the close icon and input control which in turn disable add or delete of contact during compose message dialog. Below is my CSS, using facebook theme.

.composeMessageDialog fieldset .dnnFormItem .token-input-input-token-facebook input { display: none; } .composeMessageDialog fieldset .dnnFormItem .token-input-delete-token-facebook { display: none; }

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