Monday, January 25, 2010

Facebook Live Writer Plugin

I have been exploring Windows Live Writer to update the contents of my blog and some metaweblog sites, and notice that there are some cool plug-in you can install to help you with contents, customization and a lot of stuff.... from pictures, videos, maps etc.

As a developer I decided to explore more and see if I can build one myself. With help from the samples inside Writer Tech Preview SDK I was able to create a plug-in that will Prompt you to share a link on your Facebook Profile whenever you publish a new post.

This is a quick project so for sure its not bug free and also needs a lot of improvements.

Try this plug-in download installer here.
For developers download source here.

Next Updates... Url shortener( or tinyutl) support Custom content format

Monday, January 11, 2010

Simple Color Picker - a jQuery color picker control

It's been a while since I build this small plugin for jQuery, While browsing through my files I try to see if this plugin still works with the latest version of jQuery which is 1.3.2 and it did. I have updated the sample and change the file names so it is easy to recognize. I also move the downloads to my google site, Download here.

Focus on the input box below or click on the box next to the control to show color picker.

Basic Sample

jQuery(function($) {

Change Background

jQuery(function($) {
$("#vtrColorPicker1").change(function() {