Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Error loading Windows Live Writer

While working on one of my project that supports MetaWeblog Api I encounter an issue with Windows Live Writer.  After an error occur from our server, I can no longer open Windows Live Writer all i see is the splash screen then it will close.  I deleted every thing that is related to Live Writer from my PC, from temporary files to post files, even uninstalled and reinstall everything in Windows Live Essentials with no luck.

After googling for a lot of keyword combination I came into Ning Zhang’s blog and it gives me an idea where to look for additional information about Live Writer in the registry.  Then I found out that the issue is with the URI of the latest blog I have open.  It looks something like the one below.


This is a valid URL when you are running  ASP.Net Development Server,   However if the Server is close the URL will no longer work.  Maybe that is why Live Writer keeps closing because it can’t resolve the URL or Maybe it is because of the colon “:” in the URL.  I am not sure but I am just thankful that I will be able to continue working with my project again...

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