Monday, January 25, 2010

Facebook Live Writer Plugin

I have been exploring Windows Live Writer to update the contents of my blog and some metaweblog sites, and notice that there are some cool plug-in you can install to help you with contents, customization and a lot of stuff.... from pictures, videos, maps etc.

As a developer I decided to explore more and see if I can build one myself. With help from the samples inside Writer Tech Preview SDK I was able to create a plug-in that will Prompt you to share a link on your Facebook Profile whenever you publish a new post.

This is a quick project so for sure its not bug free and also needs a lot of improvements.

Try this plug-in download installer here.
For developers download source here.

Next Updates... Url shortener( or tinyutl) support Custom content format


  1. thanks for the Facebook Windows Live Writer plug in! you did a GREAT job with it! it has made posting things to Facebook a lot easier for me. i appreciate your effort! :)